Spoiler alert!

Hey, everybody,

while I still can't tell you all much about the project I'm currently making with Skybound Studios, I think I can at least drop a little spoiler about what this game will be about. The best way to do that would be to just show you my main inspiration:
Yeah, that's it. If you know where this picture comes from, you have a pretty good idea where the game will be set, at least if you combine it with what I already told you earlier about it.

On a totally unrelated note, it won't be long until Winter Wolves releases Bionic Heart 2, to which I wrote the script. The second part is a definite step up from the first, both in length and in story complexity, so if you're into SciFi (and especially into the Cyberpunk subgenre), this may be a game you want to buy.

I'll keep you posted on any news on both Bionic Heart and my current project-in-work.

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