(A)drifting into 2013

Happy new year, everybody! I hope you all had a good start - I hope to make it even better with this here:

What you see here is the "box art" of Adrift, my longest visual novel so far. Breaking the 100,000 word threshold meant a lot to me, because this here can stand as probably my most "traditional" VN so far. What do I mean by traditional? Well, traditionally, VNs were about developing relationships with beautiful young women. And Adrift has these four ladies:

Yup, this time, I finally did what everybody asked of me and made this a game with several different girls whose story paths you can unlock and follow. But then again, it wouldn't be a Taleweaver game if this were another shallow romance, or would it? Naaah, of course not. Actually, Adrift is a sci-fi adventure/drama taking place at the bottom of the sea, or rather, in an underwater city named Bluetide.

The player takes the role of the Supervisor, a man locked inside a suspended animation tank inside the city who is usually kept in a state of trance where his subconscious controls several of the city's functions. There are also several artificial intelligences taking care of the city's residents, but everybody knows that you cannot trust the safety of people on computers alone, so the Supervisor functions as a safeguard in case the AIs make mistakes. This, of course, requires him to be connected to the systems of the city of all times. And one day, all of a sudden, this connection fails.

Having no reliable way of controlling the city any longer, the Supervisor has to rely on four robots, the only systems he can still communicate with, to determine what happened that broke his connection. While exploring Bluetide, not only does he need to find a way to restore his access to the systems, but he must also gain the trust of above four women in order to help him with tasks his robots are unsuited for. And while interacting with them, he gets to know them a lot better than he was planning to...

Adrift is a massive game - sixteen endings, many, many paths to explore, and difficult enough that I wrote a guide for it. Again, though, it's one of my non-commercial productions, with background art by my good buddy DaFool and all-original character and CG art by mangakaluna. Get it here, and if you like it, I wouldn't mind if you dropped me a line.


  1. Nice. A working download link. :)

    You might want to update the download link to this thread:
    as well because CNET forces people to install CNET Installer to "make downloads safer and easier".

    CNET Installer is recognized as malware by several antivirus scanners:

    IndieDB & Gamefront should be safe.

    1. Actually, you needn't use the CNET installer. Just click on the "Direct Download Link" directly underneath that annoying green button, and you're free of all unnecessary spyware.

  2. hey can i get a walkthrough for this game?
    i need em to get all endings D:


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