Losers and books and succubi, oh my!

Having proven to myself that I'm actually able to do a game all on my own, I didn't necessarily want to repeat that experience. So naturally, for the next NaNoRenO, I went looking for a partner-in-creation and found DaFool, generally great guy, talented programmer, ever-improving artist and by now even composer! DaFool and I worked together on quite a few projects now, but this was our first:
Daemonophilia (download it here), probably the game with the world's most offensive title, is actually a rather sweet and innocent visual novel (if maybe a little, well, raunchy) about the relationship between two losers. One is a young man who hasn't managed to do anything useful with his life, let alone find a girlfriend. The other is the world's worst succubus. Yes, succubus.

The story revolves around our hero getting into the possession of an ancient spellbook and, not taking it seriously, accidentally summoning said world's worst succubus - a demon whose only task is to seduce men but who actually has no skill at seducing people. Of course, she cannot leave this world until she actually HAS seduced someone, so she's stuck with our poor hero. Not that he didn't already have other troubles of his own, his boss being one of them...

I designed this game to be a sitcom in the spirit of "Two and a Half Men", so naturally, I included a laugh track. Yes, this is a visual novel with a laugh track. (I think it's even the ONLY visual novel with a laugh track.) It's a very funny and silly story, but also a very sweet one. DaFool did a splendid job creating all the art and even making a little "intro-movie", and I think this work, though it is hardly as epic or as dramatic as my others, can easily stand its own. I wouldn't call this an all-ages game, but it's hardly beyond PG-13 in content, and while there are a few suggestive scenes, there is no nudity of any kind. Unless you count that:

Yeah, this is as bad as it gets. If you haven't run away from your PC screaming with a torch and a pitchfork now, please give this little gem a try. It's free!


  1. I went to the site, but wasn't able to download. Is it available somewhere else?


  2. Of course it is!

    I've also updated the download link in the blog.


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