So what is this place?

Well then, unlikely visitors, welcome to Tall Tales Productions. This is going to be the work and development blog for me, Taleweaver, and my projects, whatever they may be.

So what do I do? As my nickname (and the big quill pen above) may imply, I'm a writer. I don't really specialize on one "thing"; I've written everything from poems, short stories and novels to dramas and game scripts. Incidentally, the latter has become a way for me to earn a little extra money aside from my regular day job, and the first game I was paid to write for was this:
Yup, that's Zenith Chronicles by Mango Drop Games, a side-scrolling shooter in which you play a badass red dragon (and its rider). And if you wonder why something like that even needs a game script...
Exactly. This game has a quite intriguing fantasy backstory. One I'm quite proud of. One that will leas the player through a country torn by a terrible war, facing dangers left and right, and one that will force the player to make decisions like that one:

And these decisions, in turn, affect the flow of the story, affect what allies you gain and what enemies you make, and eventually affect the fate of the game world as a whole. So not only is this one story, it is, in fact many stories - three, to be exact, with the third only accessible once you finished the other two. (Replay value in a side-scrolling shooter! Yay!)

Anyway, aside from paid jobs, I also did quite a few things just for the fun of it, and for free. All of these things, I will introduce here, in the next few days. Most of them belong to a type of game called visual novels, which you may or may not have heard of, but I encourage you to have an open mind. You're missing out on quite a few great stories if you ignore visual novels.

So just stick with me, and you'll get to know a bit more of my work soon, and also the work of a few of my fellow game-makers. Until then, thanks for dropping by!


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Content coming up. For any of those who have already found this and are wondering what this is about... wait until December. More shall be revealed then...